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Safeguard your vision with Glider Eyewear

Safeguard your vision with Glider Eyewear

28 February 2018

5 Reasons why you should invest in a pair of Gliders


  1. They are stylish

Sunglasses have become a staple item to any outfit or activity. Glider eyewear is the ultimate combination of quality lenses, fashionable styling, and technical precision, which makes it perfect for any individuals. We offer a variety of styles, lens colours and designs, that provide essential, everyday eye protection without sacrificing look and feel

  1. Protects you against sun related health problems

Prolonged exposure to sun can lead to a variety of disorders. Some are simply painful or irritating, others can be deadly serious. But remembering to wear a pair of high quality sunglasses can help to keep you safe from the sun’s damaging rays.

  1. Protects you against the elements

The sun isn’t the only thing that can damage your eyes. Spending time outdoors, puts you at additional risk of damage from sand, dust, wind and even snow.

  1. Safer for driving

Sunglasses are great at protecting against glare while driving, which means better visibility, keeping you and everyone else safe on the road.

  1. You experience the world in a different light
  • Increases visual comfort. Since your eyes aren’t constantly challenged by glare, it is easier to view objects in bright condition.
  • Enhances clarity of vision and contrast for ground level objects and for seeing into water.
  • Conveys colours faithfully.

So, the advantages of buying polarized glasses are:

  • Reduced visual discomfort
  • Clearer vision in daylight
  • Reduced eyestrain
  • No glare and reflection